Jyotsna Dilip

Jyotsna Dilip

‘Books Don’t Speak, But They Say A Lot!’ Book Recommendations By Jyotsna, Rabbit Hole Children Bookstore In Sara Chats 

Join us in raising readers. Read with your children every day!

Reading books and sharing stories and rhymes regularly with your child from an early age can help create a lifelong reader. It is easy to make reading aloud with your children a fun activity.

Here are some simple tips to get the most out of reading together with your children. These can be used with children of any age!

Tips to Make the most of reading aloud with children

1. Set aside specific reading time. Find a quiet and comfortable place. Turn off all distractions - TV, computers, etc.

2. Pick interesting topics. Reread favorites. Borrow a variety of library books. It would be even better to let the child pick a book. This can show them that you care about their opinions and thoughts, and this can make children more likely to be involved in the book.

3. Have fun and enjoy reading together. Smile, relax and focus on your child. Sit close together and encourage your children to hold the book themselves and/or allow them to turn the pages.

4. Read with enthusiasm and expression. Change your voice, volume, and tempo. Don't be afraid to use funny and silly voices - children love this! Make it a time for you both to enjoy together.

5. Pause to talk about the story, words, and pictures. Relate illustrations to something your child knows. Don't rush through the book. Wait until the child wants to move to the next page. Let them savour the pictures. Explain any new concepts that they may not understand.

6. Engage them in conversations by asking children to describe the characters or situation or why something is happening. Ask them what will happen next, how a character might be feeling or how the book makes them feel. Encourage them to retell the story by looking at the illustrations. Give your child time to respond. This helps children understand relationships and is a great way to get to know them or discuss difficult issues.

7. If your child can read and wants to read, let him read. Be positive and patient while he reads. Appreciate their effort.

So, have you read with a child today?

Get Litt - Winter Reading Olympiad 2021

For : Grades 2 to 7

Tentative Dates: February 2021
Last Date for Enrollment: 15 Jan, 2021

Margaret Fuller once said, “Today a reader, tomorrow a leader." If you, as a parent, are thinking about how to teach kids to read- so that they have the key to unlock a better tomorrow-.

GetLitt! has the answer for you. Register now for our 2021 Reading Olympiad, and help your child discover the joys of reading and develop this essential skill. The GetLitt! Reading Olympiad 2021 is a unique, online, global initiative that celebrates books and reading.

Registrations for the GetLitt Winter Olympiad are underway!

How it works: 
This Reading Olympiad is designed for kids from Grade 2 to 7.
A wide variety of age-appropriate books have been chosen for each grade. The children have to read these specified books. If they do not have access to the books, GetLitt provides an option to read these online for an extra fee. The children will then take an online test and tackle comprehension, vocabulary and trivia.

How to register:
Click on https://www.getlitt.co/ro/pricing
Choose one of the two registration options.

We recommend that you take up  the combo option of Rs.150 + Rs.450.  This option gives you 3 months of GetLitt! Library access + Registration for Reading Olympiad.
As part of this program your child will read more than 100 books during the 3 month period. And that's not just the books chosen for the Reading Olympiad.

Use my affiliate code - JyotsnaGL, when you register to avail a 10%.

REGISTER NOW: https://www.getlitt.co/ro/pricing 

There are too few children's bookstores in Bangalore. A happy addition to Bengaluru is The Rabbit Hole Bookstore. Founded by Jyotsna Dilip and Vani Kannan. Jyotsna has been running a traveling bookstore, a facebook group for children's books. The Rabbithole Bookstore is not unlike the one Alice went down into for the ride of her life. The books in the store have been carefully curated so that a child and the book can bond with them. 

Jyotsna Dilip, another passionate woman entrepreneur, shares her journey in setting up a travelling bookstore for children called, ‘The Rabbit Hole’.

Does the name, ‘The Rabbit Hole’ sound unusual for a bookstore? I thought so initially too till I got to know the reason behind it. Well, it goes like this – “A book is like the Rabbit Hole that Alice from Alice in Wonderland went down to – if you see one open, you will end up disappearing inside!” Jyotsna believes that spending time with books will bind you in that magical reflex.

Before ‘The Rabbit Hole’ happened..

Jyotsna has been in many roles before starting her own bookstore. She started her career in IT industry and has over 10 years of experience, before she decided to become a full time mom for her two kids. During this time she added to her qualifications by completing her MBA while helping her husband in the operations/administration departments of his business. She also completed a course on facilitation and child development and started freelancing and writing educational content for children. Jyotsna also runs a reading program for children called, Seed a Read. Amidst all this, ‘The Rabbit Hole’ happened!



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