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‘Books Don’t Speak, But They Say A Lot!’ Book Recommendations By Jyotsna, Rabbit Hole Children Bookstore In Sara Chats 

There are too few children's bookstores in Bangalore. A happy addition to Bengaluru is The Rabbit Hole Bookstore. Founded by Jyotsna Dilip and Vani Kannan. Jyotsna has been running a traveling bookstore, a facebook group for children's books. The Rabbithole Bookstore is not unlike the one Alice went down into for the ride of her life. The books in the store have been carefully curated so that a child and the book can bond with them. 

Ten-Second Takeaway

Chances are you didn’t know about this fine concept. But it’s time to jump into the rabbit hole with us and say hello to the wonderful travelling world of The Rabbit Hole Bookstore.

The Traveling Bookstore

If you have read {or heard of} Christopher Morley’s novel Parnassus on Wheels, you’d know it’s a story about a middle-aged woman who travels around selling books out of a horse-drawn van. Seems to us, Jyotsna Dilip, the lady behind The Rabbit Hole, is exactly like that, expect that she uses a car instead of a horse-drawn wagon. Her passion for children’s book of all sorts is what initially led her to share her curated collection of children’s books with her friends and immediate neighbours. And thank goodness for that!


Jyotsna Dilip, another passionate woman entrepreneur, shares her journey in setting up a travelling bookstore for children called, ‘The Rabbit Hole’.

Does the name, ‘The Rabbit Hole’ sound unusual for a bookstore? I thought so initially too till I got to know the reason behind it. Well, it goes like this – “A book is like the Rabbit Hole that Alice from Alice in Wonderland went down to – if you see one open, you will end up disappearing inside!” Jyotsna believes that spending time with books will bind you in that magical reflex.

Before ‘The Rabbit Hole’ happened..

Jyotsna has been in many roles before starting her own bookstore. She started her career in IT industry and has over 10 years of experience, before she decided to become a full time mom for her two kids. During this time she added to her qualifications by completing her MBA while helping her husband in the operations/administration departments of his business. She also completed a course on facilitation and child development and started freelancing and writing educational content for children. Jyotsna also runs a reading program for children called, Seed a Read. Amidst all this, ‘The Rabbit Hole’ happened!



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